Art has always been in my life since I was a child. I grew up in a family with many talents, from plastic artists to seamstresses ...  That's why I've always been passionate about colors, fabrics, prints, and even today  going to a stationery or to a fabric store is such an incredible tour.


I'am graduated in Fashion Desig from FUMEC University in Belo Horizonte, and as my final paper, I opened a T-shirts brand, where I developed the prints and the shapes, besides coordinating all production, managing own stores and franchises of the brand for 5 years.


After this unique experience, I moved to São Paulo and could have the opportunity to work in two brands that helped me to grow even more professionally, since I experienced the daily life of an important fashion studio and of a great magazine. Both contributed to my knowledge within this market, but they also helped me to understand what was the way inside the fashion that really made me happy: PRINT AND PATTERN DESIGN.

Seeking to get more into this world, I've done complementary courses to improve my knowledge in the techniques and resources for Surface Pattern Design. Being able to work in an area where creation is free, and where every day is a new discovery is extremely rewarding. I get inspired by books, websites, people, nature, animals, and I do my work with both manual drawings and programs like Photoshop and Illustrator.


I am building my portfolio daily for licensing and I am also open to developments as a freelancer.

If you are interested in working together or licensing one of my designs, please feel free to contact me.


Thank you for your visit!